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 Roleplay Etiquette

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PostSubject: Roleplay Etiquette   Roleplay Etiquette EmptyThu Jan 13, 2011 9:48 pm

These rules apply to when one is Role Playing and In Character.

The Ryo System

The Ryo System has been implemented to allow veteran users access to higher-ranking jutsus, KKGs and such.

One Ryo is equal to One RP Post (only counted when posted in the World of Naruto).


When to Start.
First, create your character. You copy the code/template that has been provided, and fill in the blanks. Then you post it as a character in the Character Creation section and wait for it to be approved. Approval or denial of the character depends on the mods and admins and if you feel that you have been wrongly judged, please inform the head admin or another admin/mod. The same goes for Justus, Kekkei Genkai, etc. but post them in their respective forums.

Once your character has been approved you may start RPing, but you can not use any jutsus, weapons, items, bloodlines, seals, spirits/demons, summonings, or creatures until they have been approved. Until then, you may only join in the C-Box or other, non-RP related features without using your pending/denied character.


If the topic is violent or involves fighting, please be sure to discuss with the other roleplayers about death and permanent effects of the fight. Therefore, you cannot die nor be killed willy-nilly; give people a chance and let them choose whether or not they want to terminate their character.


No canons that are taken. To check who is, or is not taken, please refer to the Sticky: Canons in the Creation section. Canons are only allowed for experienced and trusted roleplayers.

Only use canons listed or the live ones only.

When creating characters, please refrain from stealing characters. This includes:

1. Fictional characters like L, Ichigo, Kaname Kuran, Harry Potter, Jacob Black and the like.
2. Non-fictional characters like Ayumi Hamasaki, Rain, Robert Pattinson, Micheal Myers, Obama, etc.
3. Other people’s characters. This includes both other mangaka’s works and normal people’s works.

So, please, be creative!

Important Notes:
No Uchihas, Kaguyas, Rinnengan users, Haku’s clans, or any clan whatsoever that has been stated as having NO OTHER NON-CANON SURVIVORS. That means: No Sharingan, no Rinnengan, no whatever canon restrictions. You can make one in Custom Kekkei Genkai, but make it original and not overpowered.


When you name the topics of the RPs, keep them short, simple and descriptive. Please don’t put anything long, such as ‘Walking along the street, finding someone to talk to me’. That is descriptive, yes, but NOT a title. You should make the title like you are writing a book. Example: “Going to the Hotspring”. That is a suitable title.

Also, please name your topic accordingly. If you are searching for a partner to train with, name it something like “Fighting new strangers”. If you are meeting new friends, yet have no fighting, make the title not so violent, something like “To the Park”. If, say, you do not know what will happen in your topic and anything goes, you might name it “Seeing what happens”.

Do NOT post one liners. The only place you could post one liners is in the general discussion in random topics, and in the chatbox. There, you can do whatever you want (within reason). But everywhere else you should give at least a paragraph or if you can't do that, two sentences. Don't just put something like ‘No.’ or 'She smiled.’.

Grammar & Punctuation
Use proper grammar when posting at all times (unless its in general forum or the C-box). Type in English please. It doesn't help at all if you're typing in a language we can't understand. But if you are using another language, include a detailed translation of it.


You can not and do not know everything about someone else’s character. Even if you are their sister or brother or mother or father, you do not know everything about them. You may know a lot about them, but not everything. For famous ninja, you may know their name and village of origin, but not their whole life story or jutsus. For other ninja, you generally wouldn’t know them. If they’re ninja from the same village as you, you may know their name. (This applies to first time meetings.) Your knowledge about other people’s characters grows as you continue to Role Play.

You can not control anyone's movements besides your own or your NPCs. You CAN NOT dodge every single attack thrown at you. You CAN NOT hit everyone and everything.

Do not RP as if you are confident that it will always hit. Do not post like : “She tackled him down”, but include words like possibly, likely, might, should, would, could, probably, ought to, may, etc. Then it would be like “She attempted to tackle him.” Which is NOT God-modding.
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Roleplay Etiquette
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